Pokemon Metagame


This site is dedicated to helping people learn about Pokemon Black and White Competitive Play, also known as Pokemon Metagame. These guides will help even noobs gain enough knoledge to battle well. What is Competitive Play? It is, simply put, battling. But there is way more to it. There is so much strategy. You must predict your opponent's moves, make your Pokemon have moves your opponent won't predict, and train your Pokemon in the stats that would benifit. One thing newbies may not know is that Nature actually hinders and boosts certain stats. So soon, you will know enough to battle for yourself! Click on a link above to learn about different aspects of this very interesting and fun topic.

 I'm BLMNDEF, and I will be your guide. My White Version Friend Code is 5286 2404 8951. PM me on YouTube for a challenge. My YouTube name is also BLMNDEF.